Operation Lost Dreams

Operation Lost Dreams is a clandestine airfield near Langres, France and under the command of the Special Operations Executive (SOE). The team performs a variety of mission types including both combat and intelligence operations using two unarmed Westland Lysander Mk III SCW Airplanes. Examples of missions include sabotage, assassination, insertion of commandos, retrieval of agents, and the rescue of prisoners. Since there is a great risk involved with leaving and re-entering Axis airspace, missions never require the team to fly out of Axis territories. When transporting passengers, the team works with SOE smugglers outside of Calais who transport passengers across the English Channel.


MI6 officer Pier-Manuel Céline has established a solid cover as an informer for The Sicherheitsdienst (SD). He feeds misinformation to his German superiors that is designed to protect Operation Lost Dreams.

The Park

The large cattle farm used to house the airplanes and runway outside of Langres is codenamed The Park. It is owned by Jules Goulet, leader of Codename Copper. Jules’ wife and four daughters live on the farm but only the youngest, 12-year-old Constance, knows about Operation Lost Dreams.

The Blind

As an SD informant, Pier-Manuel Céline was assigned by the Germans to serve as the foreman at a forced labor farm outside of Langres. This farm is codenamed The Blind by SOE command. It is owned by an elderly French farmer named Marshall Blar. Blar is a Nazi collaborator; his continued ignorance of Operation Lost Dreams is essential. Three other forced laborers live at The Blind; they are also unaware of the operation.

Codename Copper

Operation Lost Dreams is supported by a group of four French Resistance fighters known as Codename Copper. Jules Goulet and Constance Goulet know about the hidden airplanes and runway. Montague Babin and Alfred Despins do not know about the airplanes; they support operational logistics.

Cafe de Foy

The Cafe de Foy is a small but popular bistro in Langres, France. It is owned by Montague Babin and is used to provide logistics support to Codename Copper and Operation Lost Dreams.

Codename Indigo

Operation Lost Dreams and other SOE and Resistance efforts are supported by a group of medical professionals known as Codename Indigo. Indigo’s medical facilities are in the home of Victorine Bélanger; a small cottage outside of Langres’ ancient walls. The converted basement of her home contains a hidden field hospital. Her grandson, D’Arcy Bélanger, is used to contact the group’s doctor and SOE leader, Dr. Bertrand Hughes. Hughes works at the Central Hospital in Langres with Indigo member and nurse, Florence Favreau.

The Burner

The Burner is an SOE-supported French Resistance organization in Langres. No members of The Burner cell are known to the LDS. The Burner’s purpose is to dispose of materials and evidence for other Resistance groups. Working with The Burner is easy but requires payment. There is a barn outside of the city walls but close the Langres. Anything left in the barn, with payment nearby, will disappear “without a trace.” The consequences of dropping cargo without payment is not known; the LDS has always paid. The barn is large enough to accommodate a car.

Codename Amber

Codename Amber is an SOE operation that smuggles goods and passengers across the English Channel. Mostly, it exists to serve the needs of Operation Lost Dreams. It is led by British Commando Lt. Thomas Ashton. Codename Amber maintains several grass airfields around Hondschoote, France. Their method for smuggling goods across the Channel is classified and unknown to the LDS. Also, the LDS only know the members of Amber by their British names; their false French identities are a carefully guarded secret. Other Codename Amber members include Sgt. Scott Moss and Cpl. Jayden Burke.

Operation Lost Dreams

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