In 1941, a fledgling MI6 officer arrives in Occupied France. His mission is to establish a deep cover alias named Pier-Manuel Céline and infiltrate the Vichy regime. His new identity is flawless and comes to the attention of the Sicherheitsdienst (SD). They recruit Céline into their clandestine fight with the French Resistance. Through great fortune, MI6 has managed to establish a double-agent within the SD’s large network of informants.

After arranging to have him declared unfit for military service, the SD sends Céline to serve as a forced labourer in the farms surrounding Langres, France. The village is small and strategically insignificant; putting troops there would be a poor use of Germany’s thinly spread resources. The SD orders Céline to watch for Resistance activity in the area and report anything suspicious to his German handlers.

With Céline feeding the Sicherheitsdienst false information, a group of Special Operations Executive (SOE) officers posing as forced labourers have established a clandestine grass airfield near the village. Using two unarmed Westland Lysander Mk III SCW airplanes, they lead a campaign of sabotage against Hitler’s forces. This trail of destruction and mayhem has been codenamed Operation Lost Dreams.

The Wartime Adventures of the Lost Dreams Squad