The Wartime Adventures of the Lost Dreams Squad

Session 3

Operation Ostend Steamer

The LDS decides to send the copy of Unaussprechlichen Kulten (Nameless Cults) back to England via Codename Amber. Unable to understand the strange book, they see it as a valuable work of history and art that must be protected from the Nazis. While preparing the book for travel, the team notices that Forester seems unusually prepared to protect and preserve the book.

In November 1941, the Germans finish their construction of a military ward at the Centre Hospitalier on rue Charité. According to Dr. Bertrand Hughes, the ward was opened to support Operation Typhoon, the German attack on Moscow. The ward is for the long-term rehabilitation of soldiers with missing limbs. There seem to be no plans to open a POW ward.

A few days later, an SS squadron accompanied by Pioneer combat engineers take residency in the Navarre and d’Orval Tower. The LDS investigates and discovers that the upper floor of the d’Orval Tower is being radically altered but the changes are disguised and hidden from the residents of Langres. There is a massive trapdoor in the roof and a gutter system for collecting rainwater. The windows and doors are bricked up and no light gets into the room from outside. The handle of the trapdoor leading to the second floor is missing, which makes the door almost impossible to open.

The LDS is spotted by a Heer motorcycle patrol. Nighttime patrols are not normal in Langres. They escape without being identified but not before Belgarde shoots an SS-Sturmbannführer (Major) from his hidden sniper platform. The Major escapes with his life but is gravely wounded in his left shoulder. Through his scope, Belgarde recognizes the strange symbol on his uniform that they have seen on other SS uniforms.

Forester reveals that the symbol represents a scientific community within the SS known as the Black Sun. He also reveals he is under executive orders from the office of the Prime Minister and he orders the group to stop investigation into the symbol’s meaning immediately. When asked, Forster says his order does allow the LDS to track Black Sun activities, if necessary.

In early December, the LDS receives orders to rendezvous with Codename Amber and prepare for a three day deployment. When they arrive, Lt. Thomas Ashton is furious with HQ. He does not approve of an extended deployment with the LDS because he prefers to keep his operational details secret from the squad since the LDS is in constant risk of discovery. However, he follows orders and arranges to protect the Lysanders. The group then sets off to a safe house. On the way, they encounter a pair of Herr infantry stranded by their broken BMW R75 Motorcycle. Vihtori Råback quickly kills the two soldiers, clearing the way for the LDS to continue.


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