The Wartime Adventures of the Lost Dreams Squad

Session 2

Operation Wild Hunt

En route to The Park, Céline encounters a Gestapo radio detection truck with SS escorts in the vicinity of Langres. One SS soldier notices Céline but takes no action.

Days later, Constance tells the LDS that the Gestapo is at the hospital in Langres. They go to investigate and witness a streetside meeting between the Heer, the Gestapo, and the hospital staff. Noticing that Dr. Hughes is among those in the meeting, they set off to Indigo to arrange a rendezvous. At Indigo, the group’s young courier, D’Arcy, sets off to the hospital with a signal for the doctor.

Hours later, Nurse Favreau responds to the request for a meeting and arrives at Indigo. She explains that the Germans plan to use half of the hospital and the hotel across the street for military purposes. She hastily returns to Langres, fearing the Gestapo.

Two days later, they meet with Hughes. He says that the Gestapo questioned the entire hospital staff including himself and Favreau. He says they may also open a POW ward and that he would participate in rescues.

About a week later, the LDS gets a distress call from an SOE commando at Indigo. He explains that his mission is to assassinate an important SS linguist. There is a rare opportunity to complete the mission in one day, but his team was discovered and destroyed. He wants the LDS to finish the job. They call England for confirmation and get the cryptic response, “Forester, M here, the SS officer must die.”

Forester insists that the group take the mission and they agree. Soon, they are outside a remote cabin guarded by the SS. Inside is their target, Lt. Freitag, along with a staff member and two prostitutes. Ingeniously, Céline sneaks into the cabin through the floor and eliminates the target. But not before Freitag kills the prostitute in a brutal, ritualistic style. The team enters the cabin and kills the other SS officer and prostitute. They find an old book called Unaussprechlichen Kulten and take it. They also notice a patch with a strange symbol sewn to Freitag’s uniform and they take that, too. Without engaging the bulk of the SS guards, the team retreats to the planes and return to The Park.

Within days, the two SOE commandos are evacuated to England.


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